Our focused message and adherence to the highest editorial standards give our special reports credibility that sets them apart. Readers around the world know and trust them. This, in turn, benefits the sponsoring country.

Describing investment opportunities is an integral part of this process. Foreign investment brings a country more than just dollars, euros, yen, or renminbi; it brings technology, economic progress and integration with outside markets. Local companies and business leaders gain exceptional visibility on a global stage.

This means that our reports will identify, describe and analyze the sectors where foreign investment can be most appropriate. We explain how it can boost development, helping to improve living standards in a sustainable manner. In addition to extensive research inside the country and internationally, we place great importance on listening to key figures in government, business and academia—both today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

In any country, it is the vision, drive, plans and ideas of these leaders that will make the difference. Our reports help these leaders connect directly with the global decision-makers who read Foreign Policy magazine.