Myanmar 2014 Asia's last frontier
DATE: September 24, 2014 CITY: New York VENUE: GRAND HYATT HOTEL


The Myanmar Investment Outreach was a complete success

The Myanmar Investment and Tourism Forum was a unique chance to learn about opportunities in Myanmar – Asia’s last frontier. This is an exciting time for Myanmar. For decades a “closed world,” Myanmar is now firmly on the radar for many Western companies, with some even calling it “The Final Frontier”. The transformation now under way in this once military-ruled nation has sparked the interest of investors around the world.

Last year President U Thein Sein met with President Barack Obama at the White House during what was the first working visit to the United States by a Myanmar president in nearly 50 years. Also in 2013, the country hosted the World Economic Forum, to enormous international acclaim, and the Southeast Asia games. And this year Myanmar took over as Chair of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The Myanmar Investment and Tourism Forum organized by Peninsula Press brought together senior members of Myanmar’s state and federal governments and some 200 C-level executives from national and multinational companies sectors such as banking and finance, manufacturing, heavy industry, ICT, logistics, energy, tourism and infrastructure development.