Peninsula Press is dedicated to helping countries, regions and cities communicate effectively with potential investors and leading decision-makers around the world.

What makes Peninsula Press different?

First, we offer clients an integrated, multi-part communications strategy comprising up to three main elements, each designed to target specific audiences.

Special Reports published with FOREIGN POLICY magazine, our flagship media partner, carry the country’s, region’s or city’s message to a global audience of decision-makers in the public and private sectors. Research for the Special Report also generates the necessary documentation to support an Investment Outreach forum, a daylong event where potential investors meet and talk with government and private sector leaders from the sponsoring country or region. Senior academics, analysts, diplomats and officials from multilateral institutions may also take part. Finally, we offer the potential to organize a FOREIGN POLICY Roundtable – a high-level, invitation-only discussion and dinner in Washington, DC, bringing together some two dozen leaders from the sponsoring and U.S. governments, plus the diplomatic and business communities.

The key is synergy – the three elements target different audiences while reinforcing each other and working towards the same goal.

Also, Peninsula Press Special Reports in FOREIGN POLICY magazine are concisely written to be read by busy people. This is an important differential. Advertising supplements in mass-circulation newspapers often reach a wider audience but not necessarily the right audience. What’s more, our Special Reports are written, edited and designed to a very high standard, transmitting an effective message.

Finally, Peninsula Press works closely with each sponsoring country, region or city to tell its story in the most effective and credible manner. Our target audiences are sophisticated; they quickly reject anything that sounds like propaganda. This means describing both the achievements and what remains to be done. Global leaders know that all countries face challenges, so we put these in contact and lay out the strategies for dealing with them.

This then, is what drives Peninsula Press: a commitment to helping countries, regions and cities communicate effectively with international investors and leading decision-makers, so promoting development and improving living standards for people around the world.