There is renewed U.S. interest in the Caribbean region, sparked by initiatives established under President Barack Obama and likely to continue under the new administration taking office in 2017. The improving relations with Raul Castro and the recent opening of Cuba to American interests is captivating the private sector and igniting opportunities in the country and the region.

The U.S. is the most important partner for the majority of Caribbean nations providing support by creating initiatives like Young Leaders of the Americas, a $70 million U.S. investment in education, training and employment programs for young people in CARICOM countries. The U.S. also continues to commit development dollars through USAID and the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

President Obama reaffirmed the importance of relationship between the U.S. and the Caribbean countries at the 2015 U.S.-CARICOM Summit held in Jamaica, and committed to increased partnership in the pursuit of economic development, good governance, trade and energy security following the launch of the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative CESI.

Peninsula Press is capitalizing on the attention and responding to the demand for information on the region’s economies by presenting and profiling some of the Caribbean’s most promising island nations as international policy makers and investors define their interests in the Caribbean basin.

We are meeting with the Caribbean’s top leaders to discuss their political and economic goals and the strategic positioning of their country in the region and in the world, especially with regards to increasing collaboration with the United States and Canada where USAID and CIDA continue to play a major role in the region’s socio-economic development.

In a series of feature interviews with world leaders in the Caribbean, Peninsula Press is providing the platform to:

  • Discuss their commitment to transparency, accountability and financial stability
  • Highlight their plans for diversification and long-term economic growth
  • Promote their efforts to attract business and investment and improve the ease of doing business
  • Define achievements of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the importance their administration places on health, education and ongoing socio economic development
  • Learn how new infrastructure projects are expected to enhance trade and development
  • Understand what type of financing, expertise and business partnerships are needed

Strong leadership is essential for each and every country in the Caribbean to realize their potential and improve the lives of their citizens.  Each nation has their own plans, policies, goals and differentiating features that distinguish them from their neighbors.

Tourism continues to be a main driver of the Caribbean nations hosting travelers from the USA and Canada, but increasingly differentiated markets. These island nations are diversifying their tourism offer by becoming a new destination for super-yachts or high quality medical tourism. They are diversifying their economies and realizing their growth potential in other sectors that are service oriented like reinsurance, financial services and sometimes industry based like agro-processing and manufacturing.

Countries such as Jamaica that enjoy particular location and infrastructure advantages are seeking to leverage these in the context of increased Asia-U.S.-European shipping passing through the enlarged Panama Canal.

Political and financial stability are major determinants when choosing to do business in the Caribbean and investors will favor countries with leadership, financial management and a strong rule of law. Investment agencies are becoming increasingly important to promote business and attract investment as the ease of doing business is a determining feature when determining which market to enter.

The Peninsula Press reports are aimed at presenting the achievements and character of each nation and the credentials of the leadership team in place providing confidence to the international community as well as informing an interested international community of the projected growth, diversification areas and infrastructure plans of each nation we profile.